Some seek to destroy it,
others to use its power…

The Philosopher’s Burn, the most legendary put down in history, is the prize as the world’s best trash talkers face off in the diss battle of the millennium!

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Slam Fighter II by Team Dogpit is a 2d fighting game in which the combatants reduce each other’s hitpoints by delivering well-timed putdowns to the beat of a pulsing retro-style original soundtrack.

Oh snap!
Gameplay so hot you’ll need some ice for that burn

  • Talk smack as one of six fully voiced elite trashtalkers
  • Clown on your friends in local hotseat Versus Mode or insult your way to the top in single player Campaign Mode
  • School your opponent by typing insults to the beat — the better your flow, the sicker the burn
  • Featuring 10 all-new tracks by Screaming Color

Fumi & Bunny

A tale of shade and fools
eternally getting told…

According to legend, whoever knows The Philosopher’s Burn can transmute any read into smacktalk gold and can even formulate the “elixir of sick burns,” which grants immortality to its drinker’s street cred. And while the Philosopher’s Burn is now lost to the ages, there are still those who seek its incredible power…

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