Slam Fighter II v. – The SupSuper Hotfix

Changes in Slam Fighter II v.

  • Added some Portuguese words to the list of recognized disses
  • Mouse cursor no longer visible in game window
  • Fixed a bug where high score in Hard or Master difficulty was not correctly uploaded to Steam Leaderboards. If you were affected by this, starting the game will fix your leaderboard score. (The score on your local high score table was never affected by the bug.)

Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0

Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0 is out and you can get it right now on Steam!

What’s new in 2.0.0? I’m glad you asked!

  • Each character has different strengths and weaknesses! See if you can master them all!
  • Your diss actually has to be a real word! Get ready to talk smack on the fly!
  • Completely rewritten engine with the best beat detection ever seen in a verbal throwdown!
  • Completely new performances with audio quality so good you’ll swear you’re being insulted in real life!
  • Need to step away for a moment? You can pause the game! WOW!!
  • Achievements, leaderboards, and a good old fashioned high score table!
  • Different resolution options! Want to play windowed but larger than 640×480 resolution? Go for it!
  • Six different stage backgrounds that pulse in time with the music. Don’t like flashy moving backgrounds? You can disable them!
  • Gallery where you can unlock profiles and character art!
  • And way more!

Slam Fighter II v.1.4.1 – Best Christmas Ever Edition!

D-Trick observes Día de los Reyes Magos instead.

‘Sup, broskis, and ho, ho, ho!

We’ve got a little present to fire up your holidays! Here’s the latest update to Slam Fighter II, v.1.4.1, now with some new features; lots of polish; a touchingly tear-jerking ending for D-Trick; and a sweet new calibration wizard to help make your game’s timing on fleek — both the Soviet-issued Tandy you’re desperate to replace and the gaming hot rod on its way in Santa’s bag! (Sorry, dogg. Spoiler.)

Don’t throw shade at your family and friends with a fruitcake. Show them you love them with smacktalk and chestnuts roasting on a fiery ice burn. Our gift to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all the Holiday Love from the Dogpit.

Slam Fighter v.1.3.0 – Text Overhaul!

just like mom used to make!

What are you thankful for, Slam Fighters? I’m thankful for a new build of Slam Fighter II, v.1.3.0!


  • All text has been replaced to eliminate anti-aliasing and make the game look sexier than ever!

Yeah I know, it’s just one thing, but this was a heck of an overhaul and I think you’ll really like the new look! Why don’t you give it a try right now?

Slam Fighter v.1.2.1 – Oni-Con Edition!

Just in time for the Halloween weekend, here’s the latest update to Slam Fighter II v.1.2.1 – Oni-Con Edition!


  • In Versus mode when p2 highlights the same character as p1, the selection icon now makes it clear that both players have highlighted the same character
  • When alt costume is enabled on character select screen, the character’s small portrait also shows alt costume
  • Game now checks for latest version at startup
  • Tutorial now accessible via title screen menu
  • Title and options menu text now displays without anti-aliasing

Slam Fighter v.1.2.0 – Mirror Match Edition!

Slam Fighter II at the Playcrafting Expo at NYC

It has been an exciting day for Team Dogpit! Not only was Slam Fighter II one of the games demoed at the Playcrafting Expo today, we have a hot new build ready to roll out with some awesome new features!


  • In versus mode, player two can now select the same character as player one. Give it a shot — you may be surprised by the result!
  • Characters now have alternate palettes. Switch up your look by pressing “x” on the character select screen
  • B. Stag is now voiced by NYC-based actor and improv comic Colin Marsh!
  • User can now press esc to exit match in progress
  • Minor art and bug fixes

Get it here and get ready to slam!

Latest Slam Fighter II Build Available! Li-Con Edition!

Happy Friday everyone! Get your weekend started right with the latest and greatest build of Slam Fighter II, which you can download here!


  • Fixed beat detection on Bunny and Fulana’s stage
  • Fixed beat indicator mis-alignment during the AI turn
  • Added in-game option to change latency settings
  • “Easy” and “Let Me Win” difficulty settings now have relaxed beat timing thresholds that make it easier to at least get a “good” rating
  • Added two more blingees for Serghei