The Philosopher’s Burn

The official Slam Fighter II Soundtrack by Screaming Color

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The Philosopher's Burn!


Thank you so much for downloading my first official Screaming Color album! For those who chose to donate, thank you SOOOOOO much!! And for those that didn’t, I completely understand! (But remember, it’s never too late. 😛 )

I have been working on an album for a few years now called The Road to Dawn, which was going to be my first album. But about six months ago, I heard that some friends were participating in a 30-day video game making contest. I offered to write a track for their game, called Slam Fighter 2, but before I knew it I had written almost the entire soundtrack! It was the most exhilirating, fast-paced, and musically productive period of my entire life so far. The game versions of the tracks were only 2 minute loops, but over the following couple months I developed each track into the fully realized versions that you just downloaded. 🙂

To be honest, these songs aren’t completely perfect and finished yet. This album has been in the state it is now for months, and I have delayed sharing it because there were certain professional mixing and mastering techniques that I wanted to do first but I haven’t learned how to yet, and I don’t currently have the money to have it outsourced. So instead of leaving it on the back burner any longer, I decided to share this music with the world. That being said, I am extremely open to constructive criticism. I hope you experience even a small portion of the absolutely incomparable bliss that I felt when creating it.

Note: All tracks were created by me except for Joc cu Dragostea din Tei, which was arranged by Manuela Malasaña who co-created the game with Johnny Garza. It features vocals by Michael A. Zekas, who also provided some of the voice talent in the game. You can download Slam Fighter 2 on the same website you downloaded this album from,! And while you’re at it, check out another game that they created, this one in just two weeks, called #Everest. The bonus track on this album, Good Morning, is a song I created for that game. 🙂

You can also hear and see tons of other songs and music videos that I have created at

Thank you again for listening. Music is my entire life… the only true way I can possibly express who I am at my core, and I am grateful to share that part of myself with you. And now that I am “done” with this album, it’s time to keep moving forward, and walk The Road to Dawn.


Track Listing

# Title Note
1 I Believe We Can Do It! Slam Fighter II theme
2 Who Do You Want to Be? Character select theme
3 Loky (Instrumental) Bunny’s theme
4 Dietrich D-Trick’s theme
5 Joc cu Dragostea din Tei Serghei’s Theme; arr. Manuela Malasaña; ft. Michael A. Zekas
6 Anthem of the Heroes Tatsufumi’s theme
7 La Sirena Fulana’s theme
8 Lone Star B. Stag’s theme
9 The Time Has Come Pause menu theme
10 Epilogues are Awesome Credits theme
11 Loky (The Day Love Won) Bunny’s theme
12 Good Morning (Instrumental) Bonus track (Outset theme from #Everest)