Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0

Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0 is out and you can get it right now on Steam!

What’s new in 2.0.0? I’m glad you asked!

  • Each character has different strengths and weaknesses! See if you can master them all!
  • Your diss actually has to be a real word! Get ready to talk smack on the fly!
  • Completely rewritten engine with the best beat detection ever seen in a verbal throwdown!
  • Completely new performances with audio quality so good you’ll swear you’re being insulted in real life!
  • Need to step away for a moment? You can pause the game! WOW!!
  • Achievements, leaderboards, and a good old fashioned high score table!
  • Different resolution options! Want to play windowed but larger than 640×480 resolution? Go for it!
  • Six different stage backgrounds that pulse in time with the music. Don’t like flashy moving backgrounds? You can disable them!
  • Gallery where you can unlock profiles and character art!
  • And way more!