Latest Slam Fighter II Build Available! Li-Con Edition!

Happy Friday everyone! Get your weekend started right with the latest and greatest build of Slam Fighter II, which you can download here!


  • Fixed beat detection on Bunny and Fulana’s stage
  • Fixed beat indicator mis-alignment during the AI turn
  • Added in-game option to change latency settings
  • “Easy” and “Let Me Win” difficulty settings now have relaxed beat timing thresholds that make it easier to at least get a “good” rating
  • Added two more blingees for Serghei

Slam Fighter II at LI-CON 2: Aug. 15th-16th!

Slam Fighter II at LI-CON 2

Do you enjoy your friends? Do you enjoy your friends at conventions?

Do you enjoy smacktalking your friends at conventions with fiery slams to blast their fragile egos to a pile of ash?

OF COURSE YOU DO. And, that’s why you should come play a round of Slam Fighter II this weekend at LI-CON 2 in Ronkonkoma, NY! Voice actors Melanie Ehrlich and Michael A. Zekas will be bringing the beatdown at the con this Saturday and Sunday, the 15th and 16th in between some hot panels on adventures in voiceover.

Go read up on the fun and grab a badge. We’ll see you there.

P.S. Voting is still going on for the SAGameDev Challenge X Community Choice Award!  If you have a Something Awful forum account and you enjoy Slam Fighter II (You know you do.), please show your support by voting for us!  The vote is open until Saturday the 15th at 10PM EDT/9PM CDT!