The Philosopher’s Burn Out Now!

We are enormously pleased to announce the release of Screaming Color’s debut album!

The Philosopher’s Burn

The official Slam Fighter II Soundtrack

Get it now!

Track Listing

# Title Note
1 I Believe We Can Do It! Slam Fighter II theme
2 Who Do You Want to Be? Character select theme
3 Loky (Instrumental) Bunny’s theme
4 Dietrich D-Trick’s theme
5 Joc cu Dragostea din Tei Serghei’s Theme; arr. Manuela MalasaƱa; ft. Michael A. Zekas
6 Anthem of the Heroes Tatsufumi’s theme
7 La Sirena Fulana’s theme
8 Lone Star B. Stag’s theme
9 The Time Has Come Pause menu theme
10 Epilogues are Awesome Credits theme
11 Loky (The Day Love Won) Bunny’s theme
12 Good Morning (Instrumental) Bonus track (Outset theme from #Everest)