Slam Fighter v.1.2.1 – Oni-Con Edition!

Just in time for the Halloween weekend, here’s the latest update to Slam Fighter II v.1.2.1 – Oni-Con Edition!


  • In Versus mode when p2 highlights the same character as p1, the selection icon now makes it clear that both players have highlighted the same character
  • When alt costume is enabled on character select screen, the character’s small portrait also shows alt costume
  • Game now checks for latest version at startup
  • Tutorial now accessible via title screen menu
  • Title and options menu text now displays without anti-aliasing

See Ya’ll at Oni-Con!

The dev team of Slam Fighter II will be wandering the floor of Oni-Con on the 31st of October and the 1st of November! This con coincides with the release date of a fresh update to Slam Fighter II, which will add some hot new gameplay features and a few surprises as well. We will be handing out physical copies of the latest and greatest version of the game at the con among other Slam Fighter goodies, so if you happen to spot us be sure to say hello!