Slam Fighter II Covered by Siliconera

Slam Fighter II got a nice writeup in Siliconera.

Slam Fighter II follows six trash-talkers as they insult their way to The Philosopher’s Burn, the most powerful put-down known to man. To defeat one another, players will have to help their chosen fighter come up with clever insults based on the size of the available word and the beat of the music. If players can type out a real-world insult to the tune of the music, they’ll damage their opponent, working towards crushing their spirit with words.

Players will need to get used to the nuances of each character, as all six of them offer different strengths that can offer players different advantages or problems. Players can also test these skills against a real-world opponent, battling against another local player to see who can deliver the most devastating insults.

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Slam Fighter II v. – The SupSuper Hotfix

Changes in Slam Fighter II v.

  • Added some Portuguese words to the list of recognized disses
  • Mouse cursor no longer visible in game window
  • Fixed a bug where high score in Hard or Master difficulty was not correctly uploaded to Steam Leaderboards. If you were affected by this, starting the game will fix your leaderboard score. (The score on your local high score table was never affected by the bug.)

Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0

Slam Fighter II v.2.0.0 is out and you can get it right now on Steam!

What’s new in 2.0.0? I’m glad you asked!

  • Each character has different strengths and weaknesses! See if you can master them all!
  • Your diss actually has to be a real word! Get ready to talk smack on the fly!
  • Completely rewritten engine with the best beat detection ever seen in a verbal throwdown!
  • Completely new performances with audio quality so good you’ll swear you’re being insulted in real life!
  • Need to step away for a moment? You can pause the game! WOW!!
  • Achievements, leaderboards, and a good old fashioned high score table!
  • Different resolution options! Want to play windowed but larger than 640×480 resolution? Go for it!
  • Six different stage backgrounds that pulse in time with the music. Don’t like flashy moving backgrounds? You can disable them!
  • Gallery where you can unlock profiles and character art!
  • And way more!

Team Dogpit in the News! (Let’s Play Gaming Expo)

Well, lookie here!~ Check out this little write-up Team Dogpit got from Let’s Play Gaming Expo last month! If you didn’t have a chance to come out and enjoy the fun, stay in touch and watch for our next event! Of course, we put on a good show for y’all who come out and play our games.

Stay cool, and stay tuned.  We might even have another game on the way…  (Two words: “Get. HYPE.”)

Article Link:
Dallas Innovates: Plano Gaming Expo Had it All for Game Lovers

The Philosopher’s Burn Out Now!

We are enormously pleased to announce the release of Screaming Color’s debut album!

The Philosopher’s Burn

The official Slam Fighter II Soundtrack

Get it now!

Track Listing

# Title Note
1 I Believe We Can Do It! Slam Fighter II theme
2 Who Do You Want to Be? Character select theme
3 Loky (Instrumental) Bunny’s theme
4 Dietrich D-Trick’s theme
5 Joc cu Dragostea din Tei Serghei’s Theme; arr. Manuela Malasaña; ft. Michael A. Zekas
6 Anthem of the Heroes Tatsufumi’s theme
7 La Sirena Fulana’s theme
8 Lone Star B. Stag’s theme
9 The Time Has Come Pause menu theme
10 Epilogues are Awesome Credits theme
11 Loky (The Day Love Won) Bunny’s theme
12 Good Morning (Instrumental) Bonus track (Outset theme from #Everest)