Christopher Lane Davis - Team Dogpit

Christopher Lane Davis

Soundtrack Composer & Voice: Tatsufumi

Age: 26
Blood Type: Mac and Cheese
Likes: Making an airplane with my hand when I’m driving on the highway
Dislikes: When my Christmas lights stop working

Hello! Christopher here! I’m writing this biography in the first person because it’s strange for me to do otherwise.

I am a music producer living in San Marcos, TX. I also do voice acting and theater as more of a hobby, but my greatest passion lies in writing music. So even though I am the voice of Tatsufumi, as far as I am concerned, where my voice really comes through is in the music I wrote for the game.

What began as me approaching Team Dogpit with the offer to write one song for Slam Fighter 2 quickly developed into having the pleasure and privilege of composing the entire soundtrack, minus the track written by the fabulous Manuela. I had been toward the tail end of working on my soon-to-be-complete album, when out of the blue this project surprised me in an explosion of creative energy that I believe has forever launched me into exciting new directions. I have always wanted to write music for a video game, and after this experience turning out to be so fun and successful, I am excited to personally consider this the first step in my commercial music career.

That being said, my even greater passion lies in the music that I write as myself, “Screaming Color.” I truly believe that this world is an incredible place full of unlimited potential, and that through loving ourselves, believing in our own power, and aligning to that within, we can not only personally, but collectively heal and live happily ever after. That is the message I intentionally convey in my music, and my goal is to bring others happiness. Whether a long-lasting, deep-rooted happiness through the message I spread, or simply a temporary smile while listening to one of my songs.

You can see my music videos here:

And download most my songs free here:

Have a beautiful day!